Saturday, May 10, 2008


I'm gonna make me some Robots!

It turns out that you can't buy these motors locally so I ordered some online. The most expensive part was the shipping, so I figured I'd buy a lot. I have a dozen coming which is overkill, so if anyone wants one or two let me know.

Hey, if I make some and you make some... if only there were some sort of competition that you could have between different objects to see which are fastest. Some sort of distance-over-time measurement, with a marked 'start' and 'end' points.

(I'm looking at you Dr. H.)


Honda Accord Rube Goldberg

This has me looking around trying to decide what machinery I own that I don't really need...


Garfield Minus Garfield.

Riddle me this.


A) A somewhat socially-awkward man in his late twenties happens to share an apartment with an anthropomorphic cat who speaks. His life is a series of comic/tragic misadventures.

B) Jonathan Q. Arbuckle is a delusional bi-polar schizophrenic patient. His cat 'Garfield' is nothing more than a manifestation of John's subconscious, given form as a hallucination. In reality, there is no cat.

I know what my vote is.


"- and after I tied my shoe, I tied the other one... Then I thought about standing up... Then I stood up."
Jon Arbuckle

Merde! Il pleut!

In my apartment.

Merde!  Il pleut!

This really bites. We were forced to move out of our wonderful apartment in Lakeview after the fire. We had been there six weeks.

We couldn't be choosy as vacancy in Calgary was at an all time low, so we looked at five places and took the best we could. The view is gorgeous, as we are on the 14th floor. However, this being the top floor, and with the roof problems, well...

It has been leaking intermittently since we moved in last August. That's nearly a year, for anyone who is keeping track. Not only outside our door, but in our bathroom as well.

Blah. We need to move. Again.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Friggin' telemarketers

Hello sir or ma'am my name is state your name and I am calling today to see if you are happy with your long distance plan because right now we are offering a two for one deal on all extended warranties with purchase of a new timeshare in beautiful Laughlin Nevada which comes free with a twenty year subscription on many of your least favorite magazines so I will put you down for an order of thirty ok?