Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 003

Ok - I couldn't resist. Behold my +5 Stapler of Attaching. BEHOLD IT!!!!!


Begin Countdown Now.

365.. 364.. 363..

Inspired as I often am by my good friend Dr.Haggis' Blog SlashBoing, I have decided to half-ass a totally new project.

The 365 Days project is a Flickr group with the general goal of taking a 'self portrait' of oneself daily for a year.

The rules are broadly interpreted and mostly self-enforced. The idea is that you have to be in the photo. Whether it's your shadow, reflection, a photoshop trick, whatever, is largely debated. Also whether you have to take the shot yourself or can just compose it. (Or 'shots' - plural. The one above took 4 different shots, the 3rd taken by holding the camera under my chin.) I haven't decided if I'm going to follow any rules beyond - "Yup, that's a self portrait of me all right. Toss it up.". I'll think about it.

If you want to visit me at Flickr, go here. If you want to subscribe to my RSS Feed, the link is here. If you couldn't care less, go here.

Notable pics may get their own blog entry, the everyday "I'm a lazy sod" pics will not. But they should be online with regularity.

Well, that's it for me. What did you do today?


[Edit] - Sorry for the multiple publish counts, I just can't let stupid spelling mistakes lie. - R

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dodged a bullet

My chair tried to kill me today.

Just as I was sitting down only a few moments ago there was a sound like a gunshot and shards of black plastic sprayed across the room. A very bullet-like object whizzed into the corner and smacked against the wall. I ended up on the floor, resting on my shapely posterior - by way of my skull.

Turns out there appears to have been a problem with the knob on the bottom that houses a spring. One problem it currently is experiencing is a lack of attachment to the chair. I believe this knob used to be used to adjust the resistance encountered when leaning back into a reclined position. I never actually used it myself but I have made this assumption based on the new 'feature' the chair has acquired - A trap door.

To all appearances the chair is normal, and rests in an upright position. When a person, (Let's call him 'Unsuspecting Rester') sits down, all semblance of verticality ceases and the person does a back flip. Quite a good one for an amateur, actually. (I got a 7.4!)

Let's see - hm. O.K. It would appear that I'm still able to adjust the tension of the back by twisting the nut that remains, (giggle) however the nut and bolt themselves are greasy (see previous) - I don't want it to drip onto my new carpet. For now I'll put some paper towel down there.

For your viewing pleasure, here's all that I could find of the knob portion. The biggest chunk was still under my chair, and the slightly smaller one was in the corner behind my printer. (Let's call it the 'second gunman'.) I'm currently constructing my theory about the smaller 'accomplices' that were strewn roughly evenly across the entire room.

I don't want to throw away a $160 chair for one minor issue, especially since it's largely cosmetic. (Even if the chair is a murderous bastard.) There is a very small chance of my fingers getting caught in the exposed spring but I'm more worried about the grease getting on the carpet. I don't know where I can find a similar knob and the knob itself looks to have acted like a sort of wrench for the nut. I don't really need to adjust it but I would like it covered. Any thoughts?

You win this round Chair...


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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Smoke Signals

I have a new email account.

It's with Gmail, which is totally 1337. It is among the coolest web apps I've ever encountered, if not the coolest. It takes some getting used to as it totally changes the way you think about email, but once you get used to the idea of tagging and archiving instead of sorting and deleting, it's wickedawesome. To the max.

I can check it on my cell phone anywhere I have a signal. (This may be connected to the fact that my cell phone battery dies daily now.) I can download it to my computer, POP3 style. And for most ISPs, (not mine) you can have it check your home email account too.

All my current addresses forward to that, but it's better if you send it directly to the new addy I've started giving it out, but I know I haven't reached everyone yet. If you should have it and don't, ask me for it. If you have it but shouldn't, well - give it back.


Groovy Bith

Was in a Subway today grabbing dinner for iJenn. The music that was playing was the cantina music from A New Hope.

Seriously cool.


Monday, June 11, 2007


As the universal greeting of my last post implies, I'm back.

I've been without Internet access of any reliable nature for the past few month. I'd rather have been without water, or possibly air, but there you have it.

I started my new job on March 26, and moved into our new apartment last weekend. Between then I was living on the kindness of strangers. Special thanks to Dr.Haggis + Veritate, sith@heart + A, Dr.Smith + LaughingMagpie, and C. Your generosity was appreciated.

I'm going to be working through some extremely dated news for a while, as my communication lines were only restored yesterday. Life is better than it has been. Some more recent news: We're all moved in, if not yet settled. A huge thanks to all who helped, on both ends of the trip. I will miss Edmonton but it's good to be home.

That's it for now, stay tuned!


“Absence from those we love is self from self - a deadly banishment.”
-William Shakespeare

Bah weep granah weep ninni bong!