Friday, January 30, 2009

National Film Board of Canada - Now Online

When I was young my mother would take me to the library on the weekend where we could watch films that played for free. The National Film Board of Canada (Wikipedia) is a publicly funded film producer and distributor, and a part of our cultural heritage.

They have just recently made their archives available online - This is more than 700 films, many are excellent. Of course many are bad, and many more just bizarre.

There's one in particular that I have vivid memories of, but so far haven't found on the archive: A person receives a videotape in the mail with a note from a friend recommending that he watch it. But the video tape eats him, and writes a note to another friend, and mails itself, etc. I think it gave me nightmares for three years. If I find it I will post a link, once I'm done hiding under my bed.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Flicker Interest

iRob's Fire 32

This is a photo I took of our old smoke detector after we lost our apartment in the Lakeview fire some time ago. It was made a 'favorite' by a flicker user who I don't know. All of his favorites are other smoke detectors. Very odd.