Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Clam" What-now?

A few years ago I bought something I saw just because:

1) It was the single most bizarre thing I had ever seen for sale
2) I could afford it
3) It was Duty Free

I think I was in the Chicago O'Hare international airport, but memory fails. Anyway, the item is Clam Jerky.

Turns out I was right - Still have it, it's been buried in a box for several years. By a strange coincidence, "several years" is also how long ago it past it's expiration date.

Clam jerky shouldn't expire, indeed.


Jimmy - "Hey Blah, do you know anything about cars?" Count Blah - "I know yours is older than me, and it's leaking more fluids, blah!" - Greg the Bunny


Anonymous said...

I love how they brag that it is the "new soft style."


iRob said...

Well, you wouldn't want to eat crunchy ancient clams..

I think I should hold a party on the anniversary of the expiration date, but since it's only 2 days off of J's birthday I don't want to steal her thunder.