Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Busy, busy.

Hi team,

Haven't posted in a while, getting increasingly behind in providing cool news. Will make a sincere effort to get back on track, but in the meantime worked 8am to 9pm today with no end in sight. Probably will be working the weekend too, will write more when sanity returns.

As an aside, what I'm doing is filing. Filing that I can do quickly, without much effort or paying attention, but in huge quantities. I have literally 2500+ files to search for one document, remove that document if present, and then move to the next file. It's going to be around 35+ hours of work. So I bring my laptop in there with me and watch movies while I work. So far I've watched Star Wars III, Army of Darkness, and the Gridiron Gang. Any suggestions for the next ones?


"Alright you primitive screw heads, listen up: This, is my BOOM STICK!"
-Ash, (Army of Darkness)


Drhaggis said...

Sounds like a job for Office Space!

iRob said...

You aren't kidding. I've got my red stapler, my TPS cover sheet, my memos.. They moved my desk 4 times last year (literally), and I still have 3 different bosses. Good times.

Rob sleep now.

laughingmagpie said...

Wow. Gridiron Gang?? I can't come up with a single movie to follow-up a classic like that... Ok, how about The Scorpion King?? :P

Braindead? (Peter Jackson's gory silly zombie film)

Disclaimer - I haven't seen any of these! I can't abide The Rock. Or Zombie films (even Shawn of the Dead was difficult for me).

(Sorry if this gets posted twice - I wasn't sure if the first try worked.)

Anonymous said...

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest!

Drhaggis said...

You still alive? I picture you trapped under a stack of files bouncing a basketball to alleviate boredom.

iRob said...

I agree about any movie with the rock. Ever since I became a grown up I like my movie stars to have real person names. He delivers what he promises, although it isn't much.

I did have a pile of files fall on me. So I used a little fourth-grade chemistry to build a rocket, which I attached to a
vacuum cleaner cord, and which wrapped the cord around a support beam. I then switched on the cord retraction on the vacuum cleaner, which pulled me to safety.