Monday, June 09, 2008

Go track something.

During my last week at Dell, I had finished all of my main projects and my work had been entirely transitioned to the rest of my team. Unless they had a question I didn't really have anything to do, and they didn't have many questions.

This was not as much fun as you might imagine. People with actual work to do were less than receptive to my wandering up and trying to chat. So I decided that I needed a hidey-hole to quietly wait out my sentence.

We had about 18 bankers boxes of old files that we were sending into deep storage, but they weren't really in any sort of order, and the contents weren't always known. No-one really cared much, but everyone agreed that in a perfect world we would know which files were in which box in case we ever needed them again. (They were terminated employee files. You need to keep them but you never actually need them.)

So I 'volunteered', which I will admit was pretty slick. I managed to turn watching DVD's on my laptop in my own private office into 'working hard getting things in order' before I left. To be fair I actually did make a spreadsheet and sort all of the boxes, and I did a good job. But I also watched about 30 movies in between playing air hockey in the break room.

To read this comic at the end of that week was pretty amusing. (Click to enlarge.)

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