Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hello Moira-Nola!

A recent comment on this blog led me to discover this fantastic blog by Moira-Nola from South Africa.

I'd had no idea that anyone I didn't personally know read my blog, and even cooler I was listed as one of her favorites for a journal project. I had my name doodled by a stranger, and that's awesome.

From her blog she looks really interesting and creative. Check her out at Moira-Nola (blog) or Apparel Engineering (blog)

Anyone else out there? Feel free to say 'hello'!



Moria-Nola said...

WOW!!! A whole post for me!!! really really rad!!! ;) Thank you for all the lovely things you said about me :D

have a fantastic day!

Love your humor! makes me laugh like crazy, and i do share it with most of my friends!

iRob said...

Cheers! :-)