Tuesday, December 19, 2006



So after being extremely sick last night, I'm at home today. Was barfing into the wee hours, not fun.

So I'm working from home, which is hard. Basically it means I hover near my laptop until someone sends me an email. Then I repond. Lather, rinse, repeat. I've done most of what I can do already today but I need to feel like I am 'working', since I'm billing for today. (I'm out of sick time for the year.)

Mostly I'm feeling better now, but extremely tired, weak, cranky, and dehydrated. (Which would explain the other three.) I'm drinking lots of water and not accomplishing much which is my solution to all illness.

So I'm too sick to go to work, but I'm too well to be laying in bed. That means I'm in a sort of purgatory until 5:00 when I can leave my work computer alone without guilt.


(50th post, btw.)


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