Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Deaf ears

My ears are loud.

When I am walking in a strong wind, (such as there was today), my ears make noise. They stick out from my head just enough that if I am walking directly into the wind, I hear a loud 'whoosh' noise as the air rattles around my head.

If I turn my head to the right or left far enough, so that one ear is facing the wind, and one ear is sheltered, it doesn't happen. That's how I know that it's my ears making the noise. It changes the angle enough that the wind hits my ear and stops, but doesn't run past it and sound like a waterfall.

They are somewhat normal ears, one on each side and aproximately the same shape. They don't get a lot of comments. Therefore I'm forced to assume that other people's ears make a 'whoosh' sound in the wind as well.

Do your ears go 'whoosh'?


"And he said unto them, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear."
- The Bible

EDIT: I worry about a mind that can think thoughts like this one. I'm really tired.


laughingmagpie said...

I don't think mine really 'whoosh' - I hear more the waterfall thing when I'm in the wind.

As a professional external ear examiner, I will tell you next time I see you whether your ears look normal or not!


See especially fig. 904 on the page above.

Anonymous said...

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