Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Love of paperclips

I recently realized something that makes me sad - I no longer love office supplies.

I've always liked office supplies, even when I was little. I thought that paperclips, staples, binders, pens, whiteboards, etc. were pretty cool, even before I was old enough to really understand why they existed. Of course back then the paperclips existed to make cool chains and the whiteboards were for happy faces.

I've joined the rest of the working world: I finally have a desk job that requires paperwork. It has been something that I have been able to avoid up until now. For anyone who doesn't know me let's play a game. Out of these jobs I once held, point to the one I do now. Hint: "Paperwork".

  • Jem Cutter
  • McDonalds Cashier
  • Armourer
  • Call center worker
  • Dental Tech
  • HR Records Administration Specialist
That's right. I now have a huge box filled with clips, pens, whiteout, staples, folders, files, markers, post-its, etc. and they bring me less joy than they ever have before. I even have a person who works at my office, and as far as I can tell her job is to say "O.K. here you go." to the question "Hi, can I have some (insert office supply here)?" So I have unlimited free access to toys.

But they aren't toys anymore. I actually use them for actual boring work. My alligator clips hold my audit sheets together, and I need to use whiteout to correct forms. My files are full of well, files, and I think my binders all have T.P.S. reports in them. They have come to be associated with boredom and pain, and I don't think that can change back.

Anyone else have a little piece of their childhood die because of their job?


"Always be smarter than the people who hire you."
-Lena Horne


Drhaggis said...

I still like office supplies. I browse in Staples for the fun of it.

Drhaggis said...

To get back your joie de vie consider building an office supply Trebuchet

iRob said...

O.K. I'll admit that that is pretty darn cool. And it's not all bad, I still love my stapler.

...set the building on fire...

Petranef said...

Yeah, fine you get a stapler even, one that works and actually has staples in it, imagine getting the staples too, and you have walls, we don't get walls, and they told us not to put staples on the carpet, but they staple everything and we have to unstaple it and now the vacuum guy has a magnet on a stick that he runs over the carpet before he vacuums it, well not today, he vaccuumed first and then ran the magnet on a stick over the carpet, which was backwards, but you know that magnet did nothing for the pool of water under the cubicles, or the moth larvae on the lights either, but it really serves them right to have cubicles anyway when we can't, and I bet they get staples too, or maybe they steal our staples, because we never have any, and they steal our baskets everyday so now I have to lock them up so that I don't spend half an hour looking for them, and then I can't do my reports.

Anonymous said...

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