Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Dearth of "Yar".

So with us going home to see Pirates tomorrow in costume with many a friend, it occured to me recently that it would probably be good if I had one. (Costume, not Pirate. Although that would be cool too!)

Who would have thought that one day wouldn't be enough to come up with a stellar Captain Jack costume? Well, I thought that, but I decided to chance it anyway. I'll have to give up on accurate and go for creative. Maybe I'll have to do a different Cap'n. Hmm. Maybe not.

Tell you what - If this show is as good as the first one I'll commit to a decent costume. One I can wear for Haloween, and to the premeire of P-III: Rise of the Crossbones. If I start as soon as the movie lets out tomorrow I can have something kick-ass before Oct 31.



“Where there is a sea there are pirates”
- Greek Proverb


Anonymous said...

Cool! You should check out this guy's Jack costume. He's currently selling off pieces of it, in case you're interested. I met him once - the costume really is amazing and he had the character down pat. His site also has a bunch of other wonderful looking costumes:

Magpie Jen

Anonymous said...

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