Saturday, February 10, 2007


Had a bad dream last night.

When I was a kid, I experienced night terrors. The idea there is that I'm screaming in terror but don't remember a dream later. Also don't remember screaming.

It's always been rare for me to remember my dreams, and even more rare for me to have bad ones, but last night it was about zombies. That's right, zombies.

I don't scare really easy, in fact I've lately realized that I really don't find any movies scary. I've been trying to find movies that really frighten me, but mostly they're just silly or gory.

Last night was different. Dreams are vivid, and personal. I wanted to go to the Calgary Zombie Walk, and I smile and laugh at people dressed as zombies at conventions, but last night was awful. It sounds silly, until you dream about everyone you know being eaten.


"Oh, fine. Last week it's 'I wish I could find a boy who was interested in my brain and not my body', and now you're all like 'Aaaugh Zombies!'. Seriously Shel. Make up your damn mind."
-Amy, Scary Go Round


Drhaggis said...

I dreamt about the Zombie apocolypse last night too.

I spent most of the dream trying to figure out if the fake swords you get at "United Cutlery" would be sharp enough to take the head off a partially decomposed zombie.


iRob said...

What did you decide? I would think it would depend on the length of time your attacker has been zombified..