Monday, February 05, 2007


This is really, really creepy.

This is not a picture of me. Now, while I flatter myself that I may someday look like that with my shirt off, you have to admit that at first glance this is pretty startling.

As I said, it's not me. Rather, it's Harry Potter. Strange, considering I look nothing like Harry Potter. However, it would appear that I look a great deal like Daniel Radcliffe.

Upon closer inspection the differences increase. His lips are thinner than mine and his eyebrows are bushier, but his forehead, jaw, nose, ears, and hair are pretty darn similar even for all that. It was enough to give J. the willies when she first saw it.

What do you think? Near or Far? Imagination? Or do I get to say I 'look like a movie star' from now on?


"A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read."
-Mark Twain


Anonymous said...

Hmm... yes, he does look a fair bit like you. I just hope for J.'s sake, your nipples aren't as creepy as his are. Brr -- they give me the willies!


Pam said...

Holy hotness Batman!

Um, were you saying something....?

iRob said...

Definately less creepy. My nipples generally have a much lower 'perk' factor. :-S