Monday, April 23, 2007

Steam punkery

This is pretty cool.

For a full understanding of Steampunk, see Wiki. The short version for your perusal: A sub genre of fantasy and science fiction, the defining feature of which is modern to futuristic devices and apparatus created using steam-era technology. (Usually in a Victorian-retro-style culture.) This includes but is not limited to robots, weapons, jet packs, space ships, etc.)

The photo featured at stage left is an IBM Model "M" Keyboard. (A model noted for it's durability and enjoyable tactile stimulation.) It has been thoroughly disassembled and reworked, and has begun it's existence anew, as Steampunk.

I'll admit I thought this was freaking sweet, until I saw the Steampunk Clockwork Stratocaster.

Now to party like it's 1899.

(for Dr.Haggis)


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-Niels Bohr